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The player controls a small racket platform, moving horizontally from one wall to the other, exposing it to the ball, preventing it from falling into the water. The impact of the ball on the block leads to the destruction of the block. Once all the blocks at this level are destroyed, the next level is taken, with a new set of block structures. In certain blocks you have to hit several times, there are flying enemies, from which the ball is repelled by destroying them, a blow to some blocks results in the loss of capsules and prizes - the prize is activated if you catch such a capsule with a racket. With a successful penetration of the level and the transition to the next level, adds one life to the already existing ones, the points scored are saved, they are added to the points scored and sent to the leaders board.

Published Oct 19, 2017


Arkanoid3.apk 34 MB

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